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... Well, what do you know, it's my birthday again.

And I'm on the run from the kingdom of Ruvinagald, tagging along with Lina and Gourry again, and she's going on about little furry animals with swords of light. I'm a bit surprised it's taken this long for things to get back to normal.

... It probably says something about me that being on the run in the company of a violent sorceress with unexplained events is 'normal'.

IC Inbox

*click* Hello, you've reached Zelgadiss Graywords' inbox. Leave a message here and I'll get back to it as soon as I can, but don't leave something fifteen times if I don't respond right away; I can't be online constantly, and I can't exactly carry a computer around Seyruun with me.

Capabilities: Text, Voice, Image, Video

((OOC: Yes, this is his computer.))


... Why am I letting it get to me so much? It's not as if she's ever acted like she likes me, or does much more than tolerate me.

I guess it's just because I've never really been hated before. Just feared, and I know she's got no reason to do that. Not like I'm fireproof anymore, and if I was that dangerous to her worldview I'd probably have convinced her by now.

Still, it... hurts. It almost physically hurts...


OOC HS virus plotting

Zelgadiss: Senior. Decent student, but not really exceptional - mostly straight Bs. Very good athlete, though - on the fencing team, though I think Rose has taken the Captain position already. He's popular without really meaning to be; he unconsciously projects this sort of bad boy-loner image that tends to draw in girls, even though he'd rather not. Seems to be in the ennui phase of teenagerhood - his grades are liable to start slipping if he doesn't do something about that senioritis, and he's a lot more driven about fencing than just about anything else.

Jak: Zaphod Jak's just this guy, you know? Occasionaly he'll do something stupid like see how late he can leave home and still make it to school. Very proud of that clunker he calls a car, even so. Well aware that his crush on the captain of the fencing team is probably hopeless, and doesn't seem too bothered. Junior.

Leila: Good student, bad attitude. She studies like heck, but it's hard to tell when, since she always seems to be hanging out and just barely not getting into trouble. Will happily flirt with people if she feels like it, but never really means anything by it - apparently she has a boyfriend, but he seems to go to a different school. Thrillseeker type. Junior.
Zel was in a very good mood. Quite apart from feeling as if he was drunk out of his mind, he was almost certain he'd actually managed to win an argument with Azula for the first time in... ever. He managed to force himself to stop being smug, being aware, if only through a haze of alcohol he hadn't actually consumed, that this would not be useful in helping Azula.

He was still having trouble with the concept of her not wanting his help - surely if the virus was that bad she should welcome someone willing to help her relieve it? Eventually he dismissed it as Azula being her normal difficult self and decided that she'd surely warm up to the idea eventually. He couldn't help giggling a little at the unintentional pun in his own internal monologue, either.

He hummed happily to himself as he he gave a slightly arrhythmic knock at the door to her room. "Hello, Fire Lord?" he called out.


[Zel's sitting on a bed again, but it's clearly in his own bedroom, rather than the cell from before.]

I woke up in my own bed this morning and saw Amelia almost at once.

I don't know whether to be relieved that she's all right and everything yesterday didn't happen or angry that I had to go through it.

... I hate this damn community sometimes.

OOC: What if? Virus Plotting

Zel: What if he hadn't gone to Sairaag when wanted posters for him started showing up? He could easily have avoided the people coming after him - even Vrumugen - and eventually they'd have stopped anyway; Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Sylphiel could most likely have gotten rid of Eris and Copy Rezo by themselves.

So he won't have seen Lina or Gourry for years, won't have met Amelia, Xellos, or Filia at all, and certainly wouldn't be living with Amelia. On the other hand, dialing him up to the present time, he'd probably have accepted Eris' deal just as readily, if not more. So, still a wandering mercenary, just  a human one now. Eris-mun, if you want to talk to me about what to do with that, ping me~

Jak: What if King Damas hadn't died in Jak 3?

That removes one major source of angst from Jak's recent past. He still went into the Catacombs after Veger, but he had more help this time, and when Damas discovers he has the seal, well, now they both know Jak is his son, Mar. The bad news is that while Jak X probably still would've happened, knowing Jak, he's got all these royal duties that would probably prevent him from hooking up with Keira. And he's generally happier; might end up just a bit of a ladies' man. And of course he'd be going by Mar now.

RL with Arcee

Zel had been expecting trouble with the guards, but they seemed to accept the explanation that he was Arcee's friend from another dimension.  He wasn't sure he wanted to think about what that meant for daily life around here.

It struck him that he didn't really have the best idea of what Arcee would look like, so he'd resorted to asking a few guards for directions.  Drastic measures indeed.


Typed out hastily

She said yes!  She feels the same way!
Anonysanta has struck again!

Thank you, Anonysanta! &hearts