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Zelgadiss Graywords

Words from the Middle of Nowhere

A biography. And they want a short one. I suppose I'll just stick to the last couple years...

Name: Zelgadiss Graywords. You may as well call me Zel, I've had quite enough of people messing up my name.
Race: Formerly human, currently chimera (1/3 human, 1/3 golem, 1/3 brau demon), hopefully human again at some point in the future.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Wait, what? ... Oh. Um, straight, I guess. Haven't really given it too much thought.
Age: Twenty. Well, twentyish, anyway. Easy to lose track sometimes.

Well, I made this really stupid mistake a few years ago. Hey, I was sixteen, I was a stupid kid, I was looking for shortcuts. Basically, I got turned into this. I'm stronger physically and magically, faster, and almost impossible to hurt with conventional weapons. Unfortunately, I also ended up with blue-and-gray rocks for skin and hair that I need pliers to comb. But honestly, it's just the fact that I'm not what I'm supposed to be that's the problem.

Anyway, about once a year for the past three years, I've been running into a certain redheaded sorceress named Lina Inverse. I guess it says something that a woman nicknamed "The Enemy of All Who Live" is one of my closest living friends, not that I've really got that many. Of course, when I get dragged into following Lina around, I'm in pretty good company. There's Gourry Gabriev - tall guy, good-looking, probably the best swordsman in the world... and dumb as a post - and Amelia wil Tesla Seyruun, princess, sorceress, defender of justice, and just a bit on the clumsy side. Lately we've had a couple more additions, too; a certain mazoku called Xelloss who enjoys making my life complete hell, and a priestess named Filia ul Copt, who's quite possibly the only other sane person among us.

Somehow, every time I run into Lina, I always end up nearly dying. I'm beginning to think L-sama has decreed that the universe is a comedy routine and I'm the straight man - stupid mistake, crazy friends, and an annual near-death experience for three years running. The last couple months I've been wandering on my own, but it's only a matter of time...

((This is a roleplaying journal for the community DramaDramaDuck; Zelgadiss and Slayers belong to Hajime Kanzaka. Zel is taken from shortly after Slayers TRY, the third and final season.))